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Drive / hoisting and conveying engineering plus technical plastics / insulation materials of the highest quality

We have been specialising specifically in the field of drive/materials handling engineering and plastics for decades.

We focus on a wide range of components that are used in many industrial drive and materials handling engineering applications. Our range of products encompasses chain-based solutions, building on the DIN standard. Steel or stainless steel roller chains, low or maintenance-free, and bush conveyor chains and lift chains for hydraulic steel construction.
Plastic conveyor chains such as slat top chains, cardan chains or snap-on chains supplement this light application range. Our high performance products such as drive, roller, bushing conveyor and plastic conveyor chains are employed in many industrial areas, for example steel works, automotive production, the food industry, logistics and many others.

As an alternative to standard roller chains, bushing conveyor chains or plastic conveyor chains, we offer modular belts, fabric belt conveyors, flat belts and toothed belts for applications such as the transportation of bulk food goods.
Modular belts provide solutions for the meat industry, vegetable processing, and the corrugated cardboard and automotive industries. On the other hand, in many cases there is demand for fabric belt conveyors, continuous fabric belts or special hygienic belts without fabric. Great emphasis is placed on hygiene in the food industry, e.g. in the meat processing industry. We employ not only modular belts but also conveyor belts with special equipment for their needs in such cases.

Many of the synthetic materials included in our range also fulfill these high standards of hygiene. Ranging from UHMW-PE to PEEK, from semi-manufactures to standard parts such as chain guides and tensioners to customised prefabricated parts, the scope for solutions is unlimited.
Not only semi-manufactured products and pre-cuts, but also chain guides and tensioners in numerous dimensions are stocked in Vienna or at the manufacturing plant in Germany, and therefore available at short notice. The low-friction materials, including UHMW-PE, Polyamide, POM, PEEK and many more can be found in many conveyor engineering applications and as customised parts in the construction of special machines. Machined parts range from individual prototypes to components produced in series.

The range of thermoplasts is supplemented by the collection of insulation materials. This extensive range includes laminated fabric, glass fibre reinforced plastics, mica materials and high temperature insulation materials.
The complex issue of insulation materials is particularly relevant in steel manufacturing, metal processing and injection moulding.

With our decades of expertise and close affiliation with manufacturing plants we can support and advise you in finding the perfect solution, whether it be roller chains, conveyor chains, belt conveyors, modular belts, conveyor belts and flat belts, toothed belts, or low friction and insulation materials.